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I Am Becoming is a unique non-profit women's self-improvement transformational training center. We provide insightful solutions from
Biblical principles combined with excellent educational resources to remarkably improve our client's lives with lasting results!

The IAB Vision Is Truly Life-Changing:
I Am Becoming’s vision is to have a well-equipped training center that provides one-stop solutions for women from diverse backgrounds in need of redeeming key tools to transform their lives to become all that God has called them to be.

Our goal is to be highly recognized for our exceptional commitment, extraordinary services and creative solutions to remarkably improve women’s lives.
We are committed to providing life changing resources that are sustainable and innovative to positively impact women as well as the community.

Collaboration To Make A Greater Impact:
In addition, I Am Becoming's vision is to serve the community by working in collaboration with other businesses, non-profits, churches, shelters and programs for the disadvantaged.

Our Approach:

I Am Becoming is a non-denominational training center dedicated to remarkably improving women’s lives as well as the community.  Our professional coaching and training are taught from a Christian perspective and
Biblical principals combined with excellent educational resources. 

Who Is It For?
We increasingly need new tools to stay healthy, productive and creative. I Am Becoming provides the essential resources for women looking for overall self-improvement and spiritual growth.

Our products and services are for mentally healthy women who are feeling dissatisfied, stuck–in-a-rut, need help achieving goals, need a makeover, making a transition, desire career advancement, need inner-healing or simply looking for overall wholeness.

I Am Becoming empowers and equips our clients to live successfully while achieving their highest potential.


IAB Non-Accredited Classes And Programs:
There is no curriculum such as commonly understood. Our classes and programs are not accredited and neither offer credentials. The teaching is designed to meet the personal and professional development needs for inner-healing, higher performance, greater innovation and quality output for overall increased well-being.

IAB Short Courses, Programs And Materials:
We offer effective short courses, workshops and programs designed to help our clients develop a greater insight into the factors involved to live an enriched life. Courses and programs can range from one day or up to several weeks.  All class materials are included in the registration fee.

IAB Registration And Professional Fees:
I Am Becoming offers affordable registration and professional fees without compromising quality.

  • Professional coaching fees range from - $35.00 up to $140.00 per hour.
  • Registration fees range from- $0.00 up to $300.00 per 
* Pricing Is Subject To Change

IAB No-Cost Sponsorships:
I Am Becoming provides no-cost sponsorships for coaching, classes, seminars and programs to veterans and low-income/disadvantage people who qualify based on State and Federal poverty guidelines. If qualified, sponsorships are awarded based on the amount of funding available and/or determined by the Board of Directors

IAB Non-Profit  Status:
I Am Becoming is a
501(c)(3) non-profit organization recognized as a Washington State Non-Profit public benefit corporation and as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Your contribution is tax deducible. Charitable deductions are claimed by donors on their individual tax returns. However, it is up to the donor and their tax adviser and not the non-profit that receives a donation to determine how much to deduct on the tax return.

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